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As a best-selling Hay House author and internationally acclaimed certified master trainer of NLP and master hypnotist, Joseph's mission is to assist every person possible to achieve their highest potential. 

Through his highly successful podcast, Secret Mind Upgrade, and his iOS app, Free Hypnosis, Joseph combines advanced neurolinguistic programming, Timeline Therapy™, and hypnotherapy to help his audience overcome emotional obstacles and achieve remarkable results.

He has over 18 years of experience coaching, being certified as a master hypnotist at the young age of 18, vastly expanding his knowledge ever since. Due to his excellent reputation, Joseph has become high in demand and has worked with many celebrity clients.

Having overcome many self-worth, anxiety, and confidence issues; he's...

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Melissa's methods are as diverse as her background. As as Business Psychologist, certified Master NLP Trainer, Master Hypnotist, & yoga instructor; she brings a wide range of modalities of transformation to her clients, both in business and in their personal lives. 

Her focus is on incorporating mindfulness, somatic movement, energy work, and positive psychology, combined with advanced neurolinguistic programming, Timeline Therapy™, and hypnosis; to enhance motivation, productivity, self-discovery, and an improved relationship with self and others.


Melissa has a master's degree in organizational psychology, the scientific study and application of  psychological theories & research in the workplace, which focuses on systematic efficiency, behavioral, physical, and emotional wellbeing in organizations.

With over 15 years experience consulting, teaching, and running highly successful businesses, including her own coaching practice, she's...

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As a certified Trainer of NLP, Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy™, and Master Hypnotist, Paul is passionate about creating new ways to improve people's lives. He has a wonderful way of guiding clients to discover their own powerful inner-resources to create new beliefs about what is possible.

Through utilizing advanced neurolinguistic programming techniques, TLT™, and hypnosis, along with a deep understanding of the mind/body connection, he assists his clients in finding within themselves the difference that makes the difference- to achieve outstanding excellence in all areas of their lives.

Paul first discovered the power of NLP and hypnosis in his business, when he utilized these powerful skillsets to develop a deeper sense of self-worth to take his business in the building industry go beyond expectation, from £800k to £16 million in less than twelve years.

With over 20 years experience, Paul has seen...

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Assistant Trainer / Events Coordinator
Lily Zobler, CMPNLP

Based out of the bay area in California, Lily is a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, trained by Robert Dilts at NLPU, and works her magic to make our events go as smoothly as possible. When she's not creating super magical events, she's busy shining her stars as our assistant trainer, bringing a down-to-earth & practical approach to NLP (yes, please).

Sarah Woodward, CPNLPH
Executive Assistant / Member Support Ninja

Based out of the U.K., Sarah is a certified practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy™, and master hypnotist, trained by Joseph Clough. She's such a mega rock star at handling customer service requests, toggling between projects, and getting it done, that you might think she's a stealthy ninja warrior (she might be). 



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"This certification absolutely exceeded all my expectations! Thank you for your presence, excellent facilitation, and humor throughout. LOVED it and I'm so excited to apply all of these learnings. I feel even more empowered to let my light shine in the world."

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"This training has really exceeded my expectations. I feel like I can take everything that I've done before this point, and add it to all the new knowledge I've gained on this course, to really allow me to create the business I want to share with the world and really shine."

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"I learned so many things that I never expected to learn on this course. I feel really well-prepared to carry out the techniques that I learned. You are fantastic trainers and really help us to see the greater purpose in these techniques and how we can apply them in every day situations."