The Difference that Makes the Difference

With so many NLP programs out there, all with a similar vision to make the world a better place, it can be mind boggling to decide where to invest your time, finances, and efforts to master these unbelievable techniques. So many self-development trainers are all saying the same thing, and maybe you have been disillusioned by other methods that have left you with little to be desired. Or maybe you have a calling in your heart to learn more, but you just don't know where to begin.


Yes, while there are many self-proclaimed "gurus" out there who claim to teach the similar methods, the differences lie in the missions, values, reputation, and teaching approaches by each school and its trainers. 

So how do you know if an NLP, hypnosis, or self-development training is right for you? 

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you do your research: 

  1. Is the program accredited by national or international boards?

  2. Do I resonate with the trainers and their teachings? Do I want to learn more from them? 

  3. Do I connect with the program's values or overall look and feel of their website? 

  4. How well does the program prepare me to apply it to the real world or start my coaching practice?

  5. What support do I receive after the program is over?


At the California School of NLP & Hypnosis, we strive to be leaders in the ever-growing field of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis. Our practitioner trainings are fully accredited by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP), the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the Timeline Therapy™ Association, the UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners, and NLPU.

Our amazing team of internationally-acclaimed trainers and master trainers bring over 65 years of experience to the field. Each of our trainers has a diverse background in training, online business, teaching, and coaching; and each is highly successful in his/her own right. The experience you will get by being trained by The California School of NLP & Hypnosis will most definitely change your life, leave you with a memories you will never forget, a tight-knit community of support, friendships that last forever, improved relationship with yourself and others, and a unique and remarkable skillset that will stand you out from the rest of your peers.


We look forward to this journey with you! 

The Team at the California School of NLP & Hypnosis

Inspiring You to Be Your Potential.

As a best-selling Hay House author and internationally acclaimed certified master trainer of NLP and master hypnotist, Joseph's mission is to assist every person possible to achieve their highest potential. 

Through his highly successful podcast of over 8 million downloads, Secret Mind Upgrade, and his iOS app, Free Hypnosis, Joseph combines advanced neurolinguistic programming, Timeline Therapy™, and hypnotherapy to help his audience overcome emotional obstacles and achieve remarkable results.

He has over 18 years of experience coaching, being certified as a master hypnotist at the young age of 18, vastly expanding his knowledge ever since. Due to his excellent reputation, Joseph has become high in demand and has worked with many celebrity clients.

Having overcome many self-worth, anxiety, and confidence issues; he's a living example of how NLP & hypnosis can transform your life and help you achieve your goals, and he's committed to sharing this knowledge with you.


  • Certified Master Trainer of NLP, Facilitator, & Transformational Entrepreneur: NLPU, Robert Dilts, Judy Delozier, Tim & Kris Hallbom

  • Certified Trainer of NLP: Tad James Company

  • Certified Master Trainer of Time Line Therapy™: Tad James Company

  • Certified Trainer of Hypnosis: UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners

  • Certified Master Hypnotherapist: NLP World, Richard Fluke

  • Certified Hypnotist & Hypnotherapist: Wilf Proudfoot

  • Neuro-hypnotic Repatterning training: Richard Bandler, John La Valle

  • Member of ABNLP, ABH, & the UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners

  • Member of Robert Dilts' Global Training & Consulting Community (GTC)

  • Best-selling Hay House author with over 18 years experience

Joseph Clough
Co-Founder & Master Trainer

Greatness is Your Birthright.

Melissa's methods are as diverse as her background. As as Business Psychologist, certified Master NLP Trainer, Master Hypnotist, & yoga instructor; she brings a wide range of modalities of transformation to her clients, both in business and in their personal lives. 

Her focus is on incorporating mindfulness, somatic movement, energy work, and positive psychology, combined with advanced neurolinguistic programming, Timeline Therapy™, and hypnosis; to enhance motivation, productivity, self-discovery, and an improved relationship with self and others.


Melissa has a master's degree in organizational psychology, the scientific study and application of  psychological theories & research in the workplace, which focuses on systematic efficiency, behavioral, physical, and emotional wellbeing in organizations.

With over 15 years experience consulting, teaching, and running highly successful businesses, including her own coaching practice, she's made it her mission to be the "coach to coaches," helping those she trains to be successful, well-rounded, heart-centered business owners.


  • Certified Master Trainer of NLP, Facilitator, & Transformational Entrepreneur: NLPU, Robert Dilts, Judy Delozier, Tim & Kris Hallbom

  • Certified Master Hypnotist: Joseph Clough Trainings, U.K.

  • Certified Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy™

  • Certified Trainer & Consultant: NLPU at UC Santa Cruz, Robert Dilts & Judy Delozier

  • Certified Practitioner & Master Practitioner NLP, Joseph Clough Trainings

  • Certified Yoga Instructor, YogaWorks; 500 hour Soul of Yoga

  • M.A. graduate degree: Marshall Goldsmith School of Management, Alliant International University

  • B.A. degree: University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), English

  • Associate member of American Psychological Association (APA)

  • Member of Robert Dilts' Global Training & Consulting Community (GTC)

  • Nominee for Austin Under 40 Award, 2016

  • Named #1 Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs by Huffington Post

  • Over 20 years teaching experience and 15 years of coaching & consulting

Melissa Clough, M.A.
Co-Founder & Master Trainer

Turn Your Vision Into a Reality.

As a certified Trainer of NLP, Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy™, and Master Hypnotist, Paul is passionate about creating new ways to improve people's lives. He has a wonderful way of guiding clients to discover their own powerful inner-resources to create new beliefs about what is possible.

Through utilizing advanced neurolinguistic programming techniques, TLT™, and hypnosis, along with a deep understanding of the mind/body connection, he assists his clients in finding within themselves the difference that makes the difference- to achieve outstanding excellence in all areas of their lives.

Paul first discovered the power of NLP and hypnosis in his business, when he utilized these powerful skillsets to develop a deeper sense of self-worth to take his business in the building industry go beyond expectation, from £800k to £16 million in less than twelve years.

With over 20 years experience, Paul has seen so many miraculous transformations in his own and others' relationships, health, and careers with NLP and hypnosis, and really enjoys teaching others how to also master these methods as well.

Based out of the U.K., he travels internationally to train with Joseph and Melissa for Be Your Potential weekend seminars, practitioner, and master practitioner trainings. 

Paul's podcast, Personal Development Unplugged, was recently awarded the Top 15 Personal Development Podcasts.


  • Certified Trainer & Consultant: NLPU at UC Santa Cruz, Robert Dilts & Judy Delozier

  • Certified Hypnotist & Hypnotherapist: Wilf Proudfoot

  • Certified Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy™, Tad James Company

  • Certified Practitioner & Master Practitioner NLP, Martin & Lin Eldon

  • Neuro-hypnotic Repatterning training: Richard Bandler, John La Valle

  • Member of Robert Dilts' Global Training & Consulting Community (GTC)

  • Over 20 years of NLP and hypnosis coaching experience

  • Podcast named top 15 in personal development podcasts

Paul Clough

Ricky, NLP Coach

San Antonio, TX

I've always known my path is to help people and now I feel really confident that I have the tools to do so, and really make a difference in the world.

Lauren, Intuitive Life Coaching

Austin, TX

You guys are amazing trainers and I really enjoyed the certification course. If it weren't for [Melissa's] business coaching, I wouldn't have had the courage or confidence to expand myself and my coaching business.

Zack, Co-founder Austin Ales

Austin, TX

My favorite part about the training is how to really get into rapport with people and communicate more effectively. Instead of just perceiving what others are thinking, I have tools to better understand others and what their motivations are. As an entrepreneur with employees, this is so important.

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